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  1. List updated: 21/06/2020 View my list https://controlc.com/ebe8125f
  2. Download: https://uploadrar.com/klf3nmmx9xdq
  3. Download: https://uploadrar.com/n69ofu0msk97
  4. BlogFa Spammer Evolution is a tool to help with comment spam in blogs hosted with BlogFa. To use, a user just need to type a keyword, visit the link, hit the comment button and write the comment. For each keyword the tool gives up to 100 results. BlogFa is in persian, so expect a increase of views from persian speaking countries when done right. Also you should speak persian to understand the text generated. Download 1: http://q.gs/19214853/blogfa-spammer http://bc.vc/QOamldf Download 2: http://ddl.to/d/VBSM https://uploadrar.com/80hfmjjchqq0 https://youdbox.com/dehzhxijcw2p/BlogFa_Spammer_Evolution_V2.rar.html Virus Scan: No need it's in plain text
  5. Persianblog Spammer Evolution is a tool to get traffic from Persianblog blogs. It asks for a keyword and retrieve up to 100 results from persianblog site. Then, the user just need to add a comment with the user link to start monetizing on a blog, forum or site under the user control. This is the best and fastest way to monetize from persian speaking countries. Download 1: http://q.gs/19214853/persianblog-spammer http://bc.vc/KczZxlY Download 2: http://ddl.to/d/V3nv https://www.uploadship.com/8e4735ca954504ce Virus Scan: The file is in plain text
  6. LiveJournal Spammer is a tool to get topics for any specific keyword for the purpose of spamming and getting traffic. This is a tool for newcomers to the web, if a user just registered a blog or a forum or a web site and he or she need traffic, this is the way to get it. Spamming is the first and best method to achieve results. Note: Keep in mind that this LiveJournal results are more texty, the user will not be able to use hacker terms and get good results to target. For this use other Spammer Evolution series tools. Download 1: http://q.gs/19214853/livejournal-spammer https://oke.io/runec http://exe.io/1MlG1PNA Download 2: http://ddl.to/d/Uu1M https://www.uploadship.com/47246f7076bee5b5 http://myfiles.onl/xcju49ifao71 Virus Scan: The source is in plain text
  7. WordPress Spammer Evolution V2 is a advanced way to load WordPress.com blogs with fake comments. Basically the user just need to write a keyword to research, for example: Hacker 2020 and this will return up to 100 results for blogs talking about hacker with posts from 2020. From there a user just need to click in the link that will redirect to the comment section and write a comment. WordPress Spammer Evolution V2 is useful if the user wants to increase the number of comments poiting to the user site with comment spamming. Pros - Free, for now. - Reduced page load - Directs directly to comments Cons - Duplicate results may appear - Only WordPress.com blogs are supported Download 1: http://q.gs/19214853/wordpress-spammer-evolution-v2 http://gestyy.com/w9fMdG Download 2: http://nitroflare.com/view/1AEE6DD25351E89/WordPress_Spammer_Evolution_V2.rar https://www.uploadship.com/20f856d75b8c3a4e https://uploadrar.com/s80d91l51st2 Virus Scan: Source is plain text, use notepad or view below View Source: https://controlc.com/38407a34
  8. In September 2019 the popular games site Miniclip was breach leaking hundreds of emails and passwords in plain text. Download: https://nitroflare.com/view/2721979867212B1/Miniclip.com_-_Full_Dehashed_-_Leaked_September_2019.rar Download 2: http://exe.io/Ap1yQNSn Download 3: http://payshorturl.com/Miniclip
  9. This is a ip scanner that finds Linksys WAP54G routers from the web. Completly free but a bit limited, pm me for more... Download: http://ddl.to/d/U9mq http://nitroflare.com/view/90A0934A05E4154/Linksys_WAP54G_IP-Scanner.rar https://youdbox.com/0jehvwv9nu0n/Linksys_WAP54G_IP-Scanner.rar.html Virus Scan: The source is in plain text
  10. View list of Email Providers https://controlc.com/293007b8
  11. Code examples in HTML and Javascript. HTML Teacher V3 https://www.file-up.org/hkqdf4g2ldvs https://uploadrar.com/oyiytam4ucg8 https://www.uploadship.com/14fdddde52814c2f Javascript Teacher V1 https://www.file-up.org/rg2r033g1mzf https://uploadrar.com/vkyfnovlkzwu https://www.uploadship.com/aecec70413cbca85
  12. How to make 1k views or more in YouTube without any type of promotion! 1 - Download iStripper - https://tinyurl.com/ydxw2w2f 2 - Download Camtasia Studio - http://m.thepiratebay.org/torrent/7421644/Camtasia+Studio+8.0.1+Build+897+%2B+Patch+[eRG] 3 - Record a video with iStripper running. 4 - Edit the video with Camtasia Studio. 5 - Save and upload the video to Youtube 6 - Add a link and description 7 - Set to adult audience (+18) 8 - Save and exit
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