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Stacks (RapidWeaver plugin) 4.1.1 macOS

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File size: 13 MB

Stacks is a new way to create pages in RapidWeaver.

It's a plugin designed to combine drag-and-drop simplicity with the power of fluid layout.

Fluid Layout: Stacks lets you build pages that flow text to the dimensions of a theme even if the theme has a variable width. You can build flowing columns, flexible rows, and tiles of images.

Nesting Objects: Build columns within columns within rows within columns. Or group a stack of objects inside a box. Almost anything is possible with Stacks.

More Stacks:There are hundreds of professionally designed free and low cost stacks ready for . Easily add amazing content to your site.

Live Image Editing: Resize, rotate, and style your images with an easy to use HUD and see the changes happen right in the layout.

Pros Welcome: Because Stacks builds layout with relative positioning from a simple two-div structure, the HTML is clean and valid. Pros can use Stacks to prototype difficult layout and add their own HTML to the mix.

Stacks API: You can build your own components for Stacks or even publish them for others to use. The Stacks API reference covers how to build and configure a stack and even build a custom UI for the Stacks HUD.

macOS 10.11 or later 64-bit
RapidWeaver 7 or later

https://uploadgig.com/file/download/b3Bb664ff2752748/[email protected][email protected]_Stacks_4.1.1_TNT_.dmg

https://rapidgator.net/file/2ebd5d0d114dde78829e32bc353cd47b/[email protected][email protected]_Stacks_4.1.1_TNT_.dmg

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